Retina Eye Treatment in Potomac

Retinal tears in Potomac

Retina eye treatment in Potomac

Retina eye treatment in Potomac

Retinal tears require immediate attention. Surgical repair will be required, both to address the tear itself, and also to prevent it from becoming fully detached. We at The Retina Group of Washington are highly skilled and experienced at performing the applicable procedures called photocoagulation and cryotherapy.

Our retina eye treatment in Potomac is determined to find the simplest and most effective method for restoring your retina back to its normal state. With laser photocoagulation, a special light is used to seals the tear back up with the help of heat. Another equally efficient choice employs the opposite: the use of cold. Cryotherapy is a freeing probe that is put under the surface of your retina to freeze the area around it. With both of these techniques, however, there is one very similar aspect, which is that they lead tot he formation of a scar the heals the tear and keeps it from detaching. Both can also be done right here at our office on an outpatient basis; no hospital stay is needed. Cryotherapy and laser photocoagulation have high rates of success, but it is not always possible, even under the best of circumstances, to avoid a detachment. Our eye surgeon will do follow-ups with you afterward to determine if everything is progressing as expected. If full detachment does result, however, our retina eye treatment in Potomac can fix the problem. There are three distinct surgical procedures done to treat detachments. The one that is ideal for your situation will depend on your individual circumstances. Fortunately, the majority of retinal tears and detachments can ultimately be repaired. More than one surgery is sometimes necessary, though.

For retina eye treatment in Potomac, contact our office. We will schedule you for a prompt evaluation and guide you every step of the way. Preserving your eye wellness and vision are our highest priorities.

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