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Macular Holes in Potomac

Potomac ophthalmology office

Potomac ophthalmology office

If you are looking for an ophthalmology practice that offers the very best diagnostic services and treatment of macular holes, you will do well to visit us at The Retina Group of Washington. At our Potomac ophthalmology office, you will be seen by one of our retina specialist who can diagnose your exact condition, and then provide you with the necessary treatment that can have you seeing clearly again.

The macula is part of the retina that resides at the back of the eye. The macula is responsible for central fine vision, and allows us to see details clearly, including being able to see the words on a page. There are several different conditions which can affect the macula, one of which is a macular hole. A macular hole occurs when there is a loss of tissue in the macula. This can lead to a progressive and permanent loss of the patient’s central vision. If this occurs, the patient will always see a central black area in their field of vision. This vision loss can actually be quite extensive. A patient develops a macula hole when there is shrinkage of the vitreous, or when the macula separates from the retina, as it shrinks. Reasons why this can occur in your eye include: age; trauma; inflammatory conditions; retinal vein occlusion; retinal tear or detachment; or previous eye surgery. Symptoms can include blurred vision, distorted or wavy vision, central blurred vision or a black spot in your vision, or difficulty reading. An Amsler grid can be used by you at home to monitor your central vision for changes. Eye surgery performed by our experts from our Potomac ophthalmology office can be very effective in fixing this condition. However, this surgery can carry certain risks with that, although the risks are usually small. Risks of vitrectomy surgery can include: infection; cataracts; retinal detachment; permanent vision loss; or a recurring macula whole or pucker.

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