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Retinal tears in Potomac

The retina is the essential part of the eye that makes vision possible. Found attached to the back wall of the eye the retina is a sheet of light-sensitive cells that focuses the light coming into the eye into a recognizable image that is then sent to the brain. In order for the image to be clear light must be focused directly on the proper spot on the retina. Picture the retina like the screen of a movie theatre if the screen is not straight or begins to move the image will not be clear. Unfortunately, the retina can be damaged either by injury, eye disease or age-related conditions, when this happens the patient needs retina emergency care Potomac from our Retina Group of Washington.

A common condition that can develop is retina tears. As eyes age the retina can sometimes pull away from the vitreous tissue holding it. Often when the vitreous pulls away it will pull a little bit of the retina with it tearing it or making a hole. Symptoms of a retina tear include floaters (small dark spots floating through the field of vision), spiders, decreases in vision, flashes of light or a sudden veil over the eye. Our retina emergency care Potomac diagnoses retina tears through a comprehensive eye examination. Retina tears can often lead to retina detachment where the retina has pulled away from the backing support of the eye.

Our retina emergency care Potomac has several different options for treating a retina tear or detachment. Not all retina tears need to be treated, small tears that don’t affect vision generally can be left alone. For larger tears or those that do decrease vision our doctor can perform laser photocoagulation where the laser is used to create spots around the tear to cause it to close up and also prevent the accumulation of fluid underneath. Cryopexy is a technique where the area around the tear is essentially frozen to seal the retina break. If identified quickly most retinal tears can be treated and the effects on vision will be minimal. If you have any symptoms of retina problems please call our office as soon as possible.

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