Chevy Chase Retina Care

Taking your eyes for granted can be a dangerous error in judgment. The human eye is an extremely complex and delicate set of organs and can be easily damaged by injury or disease. Once lost vision is often impossible to restore. The best defense against eye problems is an annual comprehensive eye examination. Chevy Chase retina care with one of our ophthalmologists at The Retina Group of Washington can not only prescribe any necessary vision corrections for the eyes but also detect current and developing eye diseases while they are still in the early stage when treatment is less invasive and more effective. Many of the most serious eye diseases develop without any symptoms and can only be detected early by an annual eye examination.

One serious eye disease that is diagnosed by our retina doctor is diabetic retinopathy, which occurs when the tiny blood vessels in the retina become weaker and small bulges called microaneurysms occur and often burst causing blood spots to appear in the field of vision. This affect may not show up for years after the person is diagnosed with diabetes. As the condition worsens fluid and protein leaks from the damaged blood vessels and cause the retina to swell. This can cause mild to severe vision loss depending on which part of the retina is affected. If the center or macula is affected the vision loss is more severe. An ophthalmoscopy and slit lamp test allows our doctor to examine the back of the eye and other structures to detect clouding or changes in the retina. Our Chevy Chase retina care practice uses gonioscopy to determine if the drainage angle, the areas that drain fluid out of the eye are open or closed.

Laser surgery is often used to stop leakage and to regain proper drainage flow in the eye. Our Chevy Chase retina care practice will help to monitor the progress and treatment of diabetic retinopathy among our patients. Please make an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam to check for these and other serious eye diseases.