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Have you been told by your eye doctor that you need specialized eye care for your macular? The macular can develop many problems including a macular pucker or a macular hole. When you need expert eye treatment for this type of problem you will want to come see us at The Retina Group of Washington. At our esteemed practice you will be able to obtain the highest level of eye care from the leading retinal and macular specialists in the country. When you need Chevy Chase eye care we can definitely help you at our practice.

The Retina Group of Washington is a highly-respected retinal and macular care practice that has on staff many of the leading retinal doctors. When you come to our practice for Chevy Chase eye care, the doctors you will see at our practice are: Daniel M. Berinstein; Dr. William F. Deegan III; Dr. Richard A. Garfinkel; Dr. T. Mark Johnsen; Dr. Michael M. Lai; Dr. Robert P. Murphy; Dr. Gayatri S. Reilly; or Dr. Reginald J. Sanders. Our doctors are experts in diagnosing and treating retinal and macular eye problems. And each doctor’s individual training and expertise contributes to the collective expertise of our eye doctors who frequently consult with one another on individual patient cases. Our experienced eye doctors are able to help patients with macular pucker and macular holes. The macula is part of the retina at the back of the eye that helps with your fine vision. It helps you to read words or make out details on something small or a longer distance away. When the macular has problems, this part of your vision will be affected.

A macular pucker is when there is a growth of clear tissue over the macular. Many times we will discover these membranes upon patient examination, but the patient does not experience any related visual problems. Some membranes contact the surface of the macula and can cause vision distortion at the retina. When this happens central vision is affected. A macular hole is a loss of tissue in the central retina. It can cause permanent loss of vision if left untreated. Factors that can contribute to this are: age, trauma, retinal vein occlusions, previous eye surgery, retinal tear or detachment, or other conditions. These conditions can be diagnosed during a dilated eye exam of the retina. These conditions can be treated by Chevy Chase eye care utilizing outpatient surgery. If you are having a problem in this area, we hope you will contact our office as soon as possible for complete diagnosis and the very highest level of treatment by our retinal and macular specialists.

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