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Chevy Chase vision care

Chevy Chase vision care

It is important to consider your eye health on a regular basis. It is generally recommended that people have their eyes examined by a health professional about once a year at least, or more often if there is an eye problem or eye related symptoms present. Here at The Retina Group of Washington our team of retinal specialists can provide you with the Chevy Chase vision care that you will need to get through your adult life. Regardless of any risk factors that you may exhibit for eye disease, you run the risk of eye problems as you get older, as we here at The Retina Group of Washington can help.

The retina is integral to your eyesight, and there are plenty of different eye conditions and diseases that can affect this part of the eye’s overall makeup. If retinal issues are not properly monitored, diagnosed or treated then your vision may be in danger. When it comes to eye diseases, the sooner they are caught the sooner they can be treated, and the sooner they can be treated the more likely your vision can stay healthy. There are plenty of retinal diseases and even injuries and related conditions that can affect adults, some of which include age related macular or myopic degeneration, retinal detachments and tears, diabetic retinopathy, sickle cell retinopathy, central serious retinopathy, macular holes, pucker or edemas, ocular trauma, cataracts, intraocular infections, uveitis, retinal vascular occlusive disease, and much more. Some people are at risk for such conditions due to diabetes, prolonged sun exposure and damage, age or family medical history but it is still possible for anyone to get an eye disease, and especially an eye injury. Here at The Retina Group of Washington we can provide patients of all kinds with the Chevy Chase vision care that they need to catch such conditions and treat any should you have one.

You should have your eyes examined once a year, at least, so when was the last time you had an eye health screening? Call us here at The Retina Group of Washington to learn more about adult retina care and to schedule an appointment to get the Chevy Chase vision care that you need.

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