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Eye surgery in Chevy Chase

Eye surgery in Chevy Chase

Are you suffering from an advanced stage of macular degeneration? If so there is still an effective treatment option available to help restore your vision. If you are interested in eye surgery in Chevy Chase that involves a CentraSight implant, contact us at The Retina Group of Washington to see if you may be a good candidate.

At our eye care practice we are happy to have 26 of the most respected and highly-trained ophthalmologists on staff. Our eye care practice focuses on care of the retina; we also treat eye diseases of other parts of the eye as well. Our expert ophthalmologists in our Chevy Chase office are: Dr. Daniel M. Berinstein; Dr. William F. Deegan, III; Dr. Richard A. Garfinkel; Dr. T. Mark Johnson; Dr. Michael M. Lai; Dr. Robert P. Murphy; Dr. Gayatri S. Reilly; and Dr. Reginald J. Sanders. If you are suffering from end-stage age-related macular degeneration (AMD) the Central Sight treatment program may be able to help you. This program features a tiny telescope which is implanted into the eye. It will improve the vision and life of patients who are affected by end-stage AMD. This is an FDA approved medical device. Patients come to our practice to have this device inserted into the eye by eye surgery in Chevy Chase.

This telescope will help in reducing the impact of the blind spot on the macula caused by end-stage AMD. This telescope will project the object the patient is trying to see onto the healthy, functioning area of the retina. This implant is about the size of a pea. It will improve both the distance and near vision of patients who have lost central vision to end-stage AMD. Potential candidates for the telescope implant procedure must have irreversible end-stage AMD. It does not matter if the AMD is of the dry or wet form. Drug treatment must no longer work to improve the patient’s vision. There could not have been any cataract surgery in the eye. And certain age, vision and cornea health requirements must be met. If our ophthalmologist feels you are a possible good candidate, your vision will be tested using an external telescope simulator. This CentraSight telescope is only inserted into one eye, so our patient along with our doctor will need to determine which eye should be treated. If you would like more information about this eye surgery in Chevy Chase, contact us today.

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