Rare Presentation of Endophthalmitis

Dr. Reilly and Dr. Garfinkle published a paper in the journal Ophthalmic Surgery and Lasers reporting an atypical presentation of endophthalmitis in a patient having undergone previous vitrectomy surgery.  Endophthalmitis is a rare but potentially devastating infection that can occur after ocular surgery.  Reporting findings in an atypical case helps other practitioners recognize this condition at an earlier stage allowing for earlier diagnosis and treatment.


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Surgical Outcomes in Macular Pucker Patients

Dr. Reilly  published a paper in the journal Retina examining the outcomes of vitrectomy surgery in patients with macular pucker and good visual acuity.  They specifically examined the visual outcomes in patients with symptomatic macular pucker with relatively good pre-operative visual acuity ( better than 20/50 ).  At one year follow up they showed a significant improvement in visual acuity in patients undergoing surgery.  This study confirmed previous study observations that progression of cataract is common after vitrectomy.  Cataracts are treatable with outpatient surgery.  The journal Retina is a leading, peer-reviewed journal in ophthalmology and a source for innovative research in the field of vitreo-retinal surgery world-wide.


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Top Retinal Ophthalmologist In Chevy Chase

Drs.  Reginald J. Sanders and William F. Deegan were selected by their colleagues in the medical field as “Top Doctors” in Ophthalmology as part of the 2015 “Top Doctors” published in the September issue of Washingtonian.  The bi-annual survey,  conducted for the first time online, solicited nominations from more than 12,000 physicians throughout D.C., Maryland and Virginia.  The list is designed to help readers find the best medical care in their communities, including primary care doctors and those specialists whom patients choose for themselves.

Ophthalmologists in Chevy Chase

Retina Group of Washington in Chevy Chase

Welcome to Retina Group of Washington, Chevy Chase location.

By combining comprehensive ophthalmic care and aesthetic medicine, The Retina Group of Washington in Chevy Chase brings personalized attention to help you look, feel and see your best. Your eyes are an important part of your life and one of the most delicate parts of your body, so we take our responsibilities very seriously.

T. Mark Johnson, M.D., Chevy Chase Ophthalmologist

T. Mark Johnson, M.D., Chevy Chase Ophthalmologist

The ophthalmologists in Chevy Chase location of The Retina Group of Washington take the time to get to know you, not only addressing your primary concerns but also performing a comprehensive examination of your eyes. Using state-of-the-art technology and equipment, our Chevy Chase eye surgeons are able to better track your eye health and movements and detect serious conditions. This enables our physicians to effectively focus on treatment and prevention.

The Retina Group of Washington (RGW) is the largest and most highly respected retinal and macular ophthalmology practices in the country. The ophthalmology offices are situated throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area in convenient locations in suburban Maryland and Virginia. All are in close proximity to either public transportation or major highways.

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