The Importance of Retina Specialists in Treating Children’s Eye Diseases

Children experience a variety of eye problems that often require unique treatment, as a child’s eye and general vision are still developing up until age nine. At the offices of Retina Group of Washington – Maryland – Chevy Chase, our skilled professionals are trained in diagnosing and treating ocular disorders in children of all ages, from newborn babies to teenagers.

One of the most serious of conditions is retinal disorder, which occurs when the retina malfunctions. The retina is the light-sensitive tissue on the inside and back of the eye. Vision originates in the retina, which contains photoreceptor cells that convert light into electrical impulses. These impulses are the visual information or “pictures” that travel to the brain via the optic nerve. Most retinal disorders involve a disruption in the transmission of these impulses.

Signs your child may have a retinal disorder:
• a white pupil
• a loss or partial loss of vision
• night blindness
• black “floaters” in vision
• sudden, persistent flashing lights
• an intolerance of light

Accurate diagnosis is made through a full ophthalmologic examination that may involve an ultrasound of the eye, visual field tests, CT cans and other imaging techniques. Treatment of retinal disorders varies widely, depending on the type. Some of the most common include: retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) a disorder that occurs in premature infants resulting in blood vessels that grow out of control along the retina; uveitis, a form of eye inflammation; congenital malformations of the optic nerve and retina; juvenile retinal detachment; and juvenile retinoschisis, a degenerative retinal disorder.

Committed to maintaining good eye health

At the office of Retina Group of Washington – Maryland – Chevy Chase, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality of skilled and compassionate eye care for your child. For more information on our office and the many services that we provide, give us a call today.

Retina eye treatment in Potomac

Retina Eye Treatment in Potomac

Retina doctor in Potomac

For the best retina eye treatment in Potomac, call The The Retina Group of Washington today. We’re exceptional in our treatment methods and have a wide range of treatments to offer.

Our retina eye treatment in Potamac is done in a professional and friendly atmosphere. As one of the largest and most respected practices for macular and retinal care in the country, the retina group of Washington shows extensive experience through our doctors and surgeons. We perform cutting-edge research as well as specific training to all of our future ophthalmologists. We even have a fellowship program that is used to train future ophthalmologists. For more than 35 years we have used the collective knowledge of all of our doctors for highly trained and accomplished and retinal Eye Care. We diagnose and treat a wide range of retinal disorders. We also conduct cutting-edge clinical research trials that help us make breakthroughs in the field of retinal surgery. Our many different locations throughout Washington embrace the type of feel of an old-fashioned doctor’s office. The reason we do this so that patients can feel comfortable and like they are receiving personalized care, which they are.

Some of our treatments include diagnostic services and the ability to diagnose evaluate retinal problems. This includes testing such as digital fundus, otherwise known as retinal, photography, B scan Ultra sonography, fluorescein angiographies, and digital high speed indocyanine green angiography. Our retina eye treatment in Potomac in office procedures include therapies for macugen, lucentis and avastin.avastin. we also perform cryotherapy as well as steroid injections and Ozurdex implants. Our many different locations are throughout the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland area. In Washington DC we are affiliated with Georgetown University hospital, and Washington Hospital Center. In Virginia we are part of Virginia Hospital Center, and Inova Fair Oaks Hospital. At Maryland we are part of Suburban Hospital as well as an Arundel Medical Center.

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